Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pink Floyd - The Wall

The idea was excellent: a plain white wall on the front and back covers, with no text anywhere but the spine. Upon opening the gatefold, the wall is crumbling, and we are given a glimpse of the horrific visions that haunt poor "Pink."

Unfortunately, the design of the plain white wall is, well, a bit cheesy. It looks as if it could've been drawn by a sixth grader with a ruler and a drafting pencil. Inside, bricks are removed in perfect rectangular blocks, and the 3-D rendering is... (need synonym for "cheesy")... craptastic. The CD release is even worse, because some genius decided to put a big "PINK FLOYD THE WALL" across the front cover. What, were they worried that someone would mistakenly think this was the long lost Barry Manilow album about Mandy's descent into madness?

The art inside the gatefold is among the best art on any rock album, ever, period. It's too bad the dismantling of the wall was handled so poorly, especially given the extraordinary talent of designer Gerald Scarfe. Lucky for us, he is much better at portraying madness than portraying basic architecture.