Thursday, August 23, 2007

White Lion - Big Game

Thanks to the Greenpeace-inspired "Little Fighter" and the image of the White House on the cover, this is what passed for political music in the hair metal scene. I was living in L.A. just after this came out, and the conversations went something like this:

Hair Metal Bonehead #1: That White Lion album is totally political, dude.
Hair Metal Bonehead #2: It's awesome that they're, you know, like, taking a stand and singing about the way that one Greenpeace ship, Little Fighter, got sunk by a Russian submarine.
HMB #1: My band toured Greenpeace last summer. Right after we played Japan. Japanese girls are hot.
HMB #2: Our song "Wet Pussy Kat" was number 1 in Greenpeace. That song was a huge hit. It's cool, because it's, like, totally political. It's about how chicks should be equal to guys.
HMB #1: At least the hot ones should be.
HMB #2: Whoa, check out that babe over there, I totally banged her in the bathroom of Gazzarri's at the Byte The Bullet show last weekend.

It's really sad to think that, in mainstream America circa 1989, some cheesy cover art and a song about the Rainbow Warrior is all it took to label a band as activists.