Thursday, August 9, 2007

Warrant - Cherry Pie

Whew. If they hadn't strategically placed that falling piece of cherry pie, the subtlety of this double entendre might have been lost on me.

(For those of you who don't get it, "Cherry Pie" isn't just referring to a dessert; it's a play on words that refers to the waitress' private girl parts. Because Jani and the gang are always on the right side of that fine line between clever and stupid, "cherry" not only refers to the waitress' hair color, but also to the fact that her "cherry" -- or her virginity -- is about to be "popped." Do you see how a bit of red cherry juice is squirting out of the pie? That's called symbolism. It represents the blood that will be released when the Down Boys break that pretty lady's hymen. Those guys in Warrant are some big thinkers. We should be thankful that they contributed such a fine piece of art to the world. It's like the Mona Lisa, but sexier. And we all know that there's nothing wrong with being sexy.)