Monday, April 28, 2008

Tom Waits - Small Change

Okay, let's be honest. You could take the collective artistic/graphic design knowledge of the gang at Whole Lotta Album Covers and fit it on one point of a Seurat painting. We're rock fans, not art critics. Most of the time, we're not going to give you any great insight into album covers, and we'll certainly never be able to compete with Ash and the good folks at Sleevage (which is an awesome site, and you should probably just go there now instead of reading my comments about Tom Waits).

Despite our obvious shortcomings, this site gets a ridiculous amount of hits every day. Since we're Americans, we immediately saw an opportunity to make some money. Thus, we un-retired the site and added some Google ads. We've made like $0.43 so far. As Daffy Duck used to say, MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY!

So, in honor of our whore-like tendencies, I'm highlighting the strip club dressing room of Tom Waits' Small Change. The cover isn't great, although it might be if stupid Tom weren't sitting in the middle of it like some egotistical jackass. The good thing about this cover -- and it's really good -- is the expression on the young woman's face. Her separation, her disinterest, her disconnect... it speaks volumes about the relationship between sex and money and men and women and bloggers and Google ads.

Now, before you go, do me a favor and slip a couple'a cents into my g-string here by clicking that Amazon ad on the top of the page. I'll be your best special friend if you do, big guy.