Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Redd Kross - Neurotica

I love everything about this album, one of the best seventies rock revival vibes within a punk facet that started well ahead of the pack following Kyuss and Fu Manchu's wake. People today frequently forget (or never knew) Redd Kross existed and I guarantee you one spin of "Peach Kelli Pop" today with a proper channel reaching like minds would start a small revolution of antipop (despite Redd Kross' inherent embracement of pop) purification.

Though this cover of Neurotica's reissue from a few years back is a modification of the original, there's something gleefully unhinged about those slightly eerie faces peering down at the band. Almost reminds me of the lotus eaters and dope heads in Enter the Dragon for some strange reason. One thing's for sure, Redd Kross got their figurative psychedelic point across. No wonder they were laughing at all the assholes at The Rainbow, or so how it goes...