Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grim Reaper - Fear No Evil

Grim Reaper was one of my very favorite metal bands of the eighties. Sure, Steve Grimmett had the tendency to wail off-key (particularly on their debut album See You In Hell), but the British power metallers were one of the minor league players of the eighties scene who broke out just a smidge between their best album Fear No Evil and their final one, Rock You to Hell. It was their guitarist Nick Bowcott who was the glue and the shining star of the Reaper. His solos were second to none and he used to have a guitar clinic column in Circus magazine. Sad that the only time I ever got to watch him perform live was a few years ago at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey the night they filmed Anthrax's Alive 2. Unfortunately Nick was doing a Dimebag Darrell tribute to samples generated from a laptop. Nick was Darrell's roadie in Pantera's glory days, which, no disrespect intended to Darrell whatsoever, but Bowcott's relegation to roadie was just wrong on all accounts. Ditto for the fact only myself and one other person I saw at the Starland knew who Bowcott really was, though nowadays you can win over any crowd just mentioning Dimebag's name, much less accurately cutting his riffs and solos.

If anyone speaks heavy metal Halloween upon immediate contact, it's Grim Reaper. Both See You in Hell and Fear No Evil are amongst the decade's more memorable album covers. I had a t-shirt of this one and I wish I'd had the foresight back then to know I would've needed to order an XXL since it was one of my favorites and ultimately shrunk to the point of unusability. Hmm, eighties concert shirts that shrunk quickly to the point of unusability... Coincidence?