Thursday, September 17, 2009

Deep Purple - Stormbringer

Seldom mentioned other than to discuss the involvement of David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes as well as pinpointing the time when Ritchie Blackmore hit the bricks from Deep Purple, Stormbringer is a slightly underrated album. Sure, the previous outing with the MK3 lineup Burn far exceeds this one and sure, Stormbringer does suffer from identity crisis, but everything slides into place for some strange reason and the latter is certainly a fun listen.

One of the few Deep Purple album covers to ban the lineup from its face, Stormbringer sets the imagination free with the image of Pegasus confronting (or causing it if you interpret it by the album's title) a tornado in the contemporary world. The rainbow-colored lightning at Pegasus' heels certainly has to be considered Blackmore's precursory inspiration for his future tidings.

On a personal level, I find this cover to be dreamy and nostalgic in a slightly childish (or child-like) manner, enough to provoke me to begin a poem I'm still fine-tuning.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Warhorse-Red Sea


When bassist Nick Simper was out of Deep Purple he went and formed this band. They sound a little like early Deep Purple here on their sophomore effort plus the cover reminds me of Deep Purples' Fireball. Although this one might even be creepier as they thought it would be a great idea to slap their heads on the front of a ship.

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