Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Cure - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Most covers from The Cure follow a similar pattern: a blurry image (or collage) is framed against a dark and obscure background. Often, there's some sort of hazy movement that was almost -- but not quite -- stilled by the camera. None of the covers are bad, but few of them are particularly noteworthy.

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me is the exception. It was still abstract, but it was a visual departure from anything the band had done before (or did afterwards). It was a fitting departure, too, given that the album was somewhat of a musical departure for the band. It is a sensual cover that hints at pleasure, but the vivid colors suggest a tension that is confirmed by the lyrics of the title song. There are also some gender issues at play, since non-Cure fans will presume they are the pouty lips of a woman, while Robert Smith fans see only the lipstick-clad mouth of a man who they long to kiss.