Monday, April 21, 2008

Ozzy Osbourne-The Ultimate Sin

Everything comes back it seems. Seasons come back, Indiana Jones comes back, Ozzy's brain cells...okay, maybe not everything comes back. However, our blog is back for better or worse. So hold on tight because here we go again. I was like 15 when this one came out and I remember staring at Boris Vallejo's rendering of Ozzy as a monster and the witch in full mid-80's metal chick garb. I liked it back then, but now it's a bit busy I think. I always look at the background and think of a pot of boiling spaghetti sauce instead of the big end of the world event I think they were shooting for. I am not sure why they made the decision to have a painting done instead of having Ozzy in some silly spot like they did in every previous cover.

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