Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beck - Modern Guilt

I'd never even seen this cover until Ash at the other record cover site wrote it up. Usually, I see Ash as an infinite trough of rockalicious wisdom, but this time... well, let's just say my first reaction to the Sleevage write-up was "ARE YOU ******* BLIND, YOU *********** ***** KOALA-EATING *** ***** CRAZY ************* FORD PINTO ******* BACKWARDS-TOILET-FLUSHING ******* HATERS?" (Bob doesn't like cursing on his blogs. To paraphrase a pre-"Let's sell our company to the Belgians and see if they are as successful with St. Louis as they were with Rwanda" Budweiser slogan, this asterisk's for you, Bob.)

Where was I? Oh, right. Beck.

I hate Beck. I think he's built a career on being clever, and I think his career's been supported by a bunch of clever, Gen-X twats. (Or *****, if 'twats' is a bad word.)

But this cover is awesome. It reaches back to the classic cool jazz covers from Blue Note and Atlantic and Verve and all the other great jazz labels that put out some of the best album covers in history, bar none.

Lots of rock bands have tried to do that, but Beck is one of the very, very few who pulled it off. The black & white tones are incredibly rich, the colors of the text are gorgeously understated, and the photo is abstract in all the right ways.

So Ash, you may have the better web site, and you may have all the cool alternate designs for the cover, and you may be cuter than I am, but ******, I'm right about this one and you're wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Opposite of right, wrong.

Yeah, and don't throw that "it's all opinion" nonsense at me. WRONG!

(Seriously, go to the Sleevage link if you haven't yet. It's a good write-up.)