Sunday, July 1, 2007

Assholeparade - Say Goodbye 7"

This cover is screen-printed on a heavy cardboard sleeve. There were only 1000 made (500 each of two colors of vinyl). I like how the live scenes are subdued with the Nosferatu image more prominent in black. It's a No Idea Records release and their covers and vinyl both are generally beautiful.

I also figured Mark and Ray would dig this one for the horror movie angle.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Didjits - Lovesicle 7"

This is kind of along the lines of Soul Asylum's parody of Herb Alpert. The Didjits get a greasy, pasty guy (it might be a band member, but I'm not sure) to pose as Prince for their take on Lovesexy. Somehow, I think it's appropriate that they took sexy out of the title.

Despite the lack of interest in what I thought was the very funny Poopiehead 7", I'm going to be posting a few of the interesting 7" covers from my collection, so keep an eye out for these bonus posts outside of the normal Monday through Thursday rotation.

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