Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exodus-Force of habit

Exodus never had any real great album covers, but they were normally okay. The cover of their 1992 release "Force of habit" just looks like graffiti done by art school drop-out. Maybe because this came out when metal was falling out favor that they decided to go in another direction for their cover. I don't know about the method, but it sure looks like madness in a rather cornball, down scaled sort of way.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Roxy Blue-Want some?


The time is early 1992. The place is somewhere in a workroom of a creative design firm where two art consultant's are hard at work on designing the cover of Roxy Blue's Want Some?

Art consultant 1-Mike Clink produced this album and it's on Geffen so I'll there has been a lot of money poured into this project. So what's your idea?

Art consultant 2-We just went through the Gulf War and it's an election year, so I think that we should do a play on that old Uncle Sam poster to make a statement about the government and today's society.

Art consultant 1-Okay, what's the angle?

Art consultant 2-We will have Uncle Sam with a big smirk on his face with a hot, barely dressed babe with big boobs hanging on to him.

Art consultant 1-That's your idea? It's the 1990's, man. It's not just a new decade, but a whole new way of thinking. It's not only popular musical trends that have begun to change, but it's the whole attitude of our society that has shifted. The young people of today care about issues and there is no way that they are going to be drawn in by a cheap, shallow cover like this!

Art Consultant 2-You're exactly right. How about we also give the girl a round butt and Uncle Sam will have just a hint of lizard skin around his right wrist?

Art consultant 1-Now you're talking!

***So perhaps that's the story of how this cover came to be or perhaps not.

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